GRABO 电动吸盘未来新机型


凭借我们的 GRABO电动吸盘在起重工具和设备系列的应用,
我们正在研发 GRABO电动吸盘 新版本,具体产品详情敬请期待!
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GRABO PRO-Lifter 20 kit includes

1 battery, fabric bag, extra seal, charger, packed in a color box.

"GRABO PRO-Lifter 20" kit includes: A GRABO Pro tool (2021 version with digital display). Features: smart digital pressure sensor, display and smart settings for both pressure and weight (psi, bar, kg & lb), a multi socket charger, an extra seal (2 in total), one battery (1 in total), an English manual and a tough canvas carry bag. Product is packed in a full color box (English version). Pumping capacity: 20L/min.